Stories alphabetized by title

27 Minutes
Philip S. Bloch

John P. Kristofco

Rami Ungar

Elizabeth Alexander

Stuart Stromin

Paul K. Binford

Lee Sullivan

The Agitation
Ken Poyner

Ain’t No White Dolls
Trenee Seward

Ain’t None of My Business
Adam Matson

Darrell Petska

The Alarm Goes Off
West Gipson

Joanna Michal Hoyt

An Auspicious Time
Jennifer Wang

Another Group of Dark-Skinned Outsiders
Don Kirksey

Ant Eater
Walker Smart

Anything You Want
Leanne Ryan

The Appointment
Greg Jenkins

As American as Apple Pie
John Adkisson

At a Time like This
Frederic Smith

August 32nd
Adam Matson

Everson Thomas

Helene Macaulay

The Banyan Tree
Dennis James

Boletilemang Gabokgatlhe

Beep, Beep, Beep
Stephen Bartlett

Beggars’ Street
Ajay Patri

The Bell and Basket
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Bending toward Justice—at Glacial Speed
Elizabeth Alexander

The Bigger Bite
Bradford Philen

Bitty in the Machine
Scott Gordon

Blood and Revelation
Dave Shearer

Bloody Sunday Redux
Mike DiChristina

Boardwalk and the Upper Crust
Robert Collings

Casey Wiley

Brian’s Unemployment Monkey
A. W. DeAnnuntis

Richard Harkness

Bus Route
Derald Hamilton

By Any Other Name
Paul Jenkins

A California Stop
David Larsen

Camp Reconsideration
Megan Franzen

Campaign Interrupted
Keith Madsen

Andrew J. Hogan

A Candle at the Window
Colleen Sutherland

Sarah M. Prindle

Douglas James Troxell

Casa Padre
Daniel C. Smith

The Children’s Charities
Jason Peck

The Chinese Wife
Margaret Karmazin

Claire Rose
JoAnneh Nagler

Climate Change
Jessica Van Devanter

Closer Together
K. Rhen Hunt

The Closet
Ron Hartley

Closet Space
Sandra Ketcham

The Cobbler
Dennis James

Coffee Shop
Roger Sedarat

Cold Calls
John M. Radosta

A Collection of Drabbles
Ken Poyner

The Colliery
Robert David Stetten

The Committee
Josephine Donovan

Community College
Richard Krause

Sam Provenzano

Cornelia’s Song
Fred Cohn

Corrugated Righteousness
Janna Moretti

Cosmic Charlie
B. Elizabeth Beck

Count Rumford
Steve Young

Scott H. McFadden

Cover My Shorts
Ferdinand E. Hintze

The Cure
Michael Andreoni

Dances of the Solar Ostrich-men
Arturo Desimone

The Dancing Policeman
Satyaki Kanjilal

A Dangerous Woman
Karen Hunt

A Day at the Office
Dan Wilson

The Day Off
Patty Somlo

Day One of Dant de Meyde
TL Folkard

Day’s End
Nancy E. Polin

Dead Time
Mike Bates

The Debate
Martha Clarkson

Joe Kissel

Diet of Worms
Earl Coleman

A Different Tribe
Sally Houtman

Digital Gitmo
Ken Dickerson

Claire Chow

The Dodo Lives
Marshall Geck

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh

Dope: It’s What’s for Dinner
Joshua K. Gill

The Dream
David A. Einhorn

Dream Weavers
Jean Vermette

The Drink Tank
Joshua Foust

Driving a Truck in Afghanistan
Barry Basden

Dumpster Diving for Jesus
Peter Halpin

Douglas Alan Pearce

J. Thomas Cross

Election Day
Douglas J. Troxell

Electric Skillet
C.R. Reardon

Emperor Herbert and the Zumzudian List
Gabriel Ertsgaard

An Encounter in Kochi
Michael Royce

Escape the Legion
Sarah M. Prindle

Emily Hartzog

The Examination
A.K. Kulshreshth

Far from Everywhere
G. D. McFetridge

A Father’s Son
Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Fifteen Tops
Michael Andreoni

Fifties Scoop
John Tavares

Finding His Way Home
Michael Royce

The Fire Decree
Sarah M. Prindle

The Fire Takes Your Birth Certificate
Kathy McMullen

Firewood Girl
Adetokunbo Abiola

The First Lie
Vishal Suchak

The Flower Lady
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Fly the Yard
Diana Brawley Sussman

Freezing Cold and Scared to Death of Sharks
Ryan Havely

Friday Night at the Movies in Buffalo, N.Y.
Elizabeth T. Hansen

Gabriel And The Chainsaws
L. J. Chizak

Garlic Boy
Jonathan B. Ferrini

The Gatekeeper
Timothy Smith

The Gift
Mike Lary

The Gift
Patty Somlo

The Girl in the Headscarf
George Holm

The Good Shepherd Lawn Care Service
Gary Jones

Gossip and Lies
David Larsen

A Grand Bargain
Jonathan B. Ferrini

The Green Note
André Braga Cabral

Greyhound Bound
Richard Harkness

The Guardians
Elizabeth J. Mitchell

Guide to Losing Time
Roberto Franco-Alba

Handle with Care
Martha Clarkson

Emily Hartzog

The Happiness Gene
Kevin Finnerty

He, in the Desert
Fletcher Bonin

Jennifer Hollie Bowles

Heaven Can’t Wait
Richard Harkness

Heaven’s Sigh
Aziz Talbani

Historical Relations of Biological and Artificial Humans
Mark Howard

The History of Fruit
Rebecca Troy

The History of How We Existed: Out of Print
E. F. Schraeder

A Holiday Bow
Mike Bates

Jonel Abellanosa

How To Build A Successful Religion: A Fable For The Fallible
Richard Harkness

A Hundred Years Ago
Patricia Temple

Hunger Mouth
E. F. Schraeder

The Hungry Mother
Jean Lee

The Hunt
James P. Wagner

I Am and Again
Margaret Karmazin

I Hear You
Alice Stern

The Imjin River
Elizabeth Starer

In the Afternoon Sun
Seth James

Nathan Moseley

Margaret Karmazin

Kawika Guillermo

Insurable Interest
Portia Tewogbade

The Interview
Joel Turner

Interview with a Deity
Steve Borst

It’s a Sign
John Sheirer

Jack Straw Says
Melvin Litton

Jane and John Doe Labor in Paradise
Sol Paz Kistler

John Geld
Aaron Rowley

The Jungle
Megan Edwards

Just Not Possible
Margaret Karmazin

Brian Rowe

Kind of a Saint
Peter Bernstein

A King in an Alternate Universe
Keith Madsen

Steven Sheffield Cooke

La Laguna
Eric Z. Weintraub

Ladies or Tigers
Mickey J. Corrigan

Last Walk on Silver Lane
Eric D. Lehman

Last Year
Eric Duffy

Latchkey Girl
Jonathan B. Ferrini

The Lavender Dynasty
Bromme H. Cole

Leaping into the Sky
Dominick Copas

Ceri Marriott

Dave Schafer

The Lighthouse of Ajax Mountain
Daniel D. Adams

Listen to the Music
John Poblocki

The Little Things
K. Lee

La Llorona Sky
Erik Priedkalns

A Long Space to Go
Roger Real Drouin

Lost Love
Richard Lind

Lost Privileges
Frederic Smith

Lot Dog
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Love and the Jihad
Robby McChargue

Love, Logic & Bacteria
Allen M. Price

The Love of Economics
(The Economics of Love)

Jim Boswell

Lunch Lady of the Year
Steve Borst

Luteus: A Satire
Marly Solebello

Madam President, Crazy Skunk Lady
Marshall Geck

Madame Guillotine
Thomas Moreau

The Man Who Loved Potatoes
Michael Braswell

Maria’s Escape Hatch
Roy Haymond

James Marino

Marvin Kessler’s Shoes
Robert H. Sachs

MASH Reenactment Guild
Ron Burch

Me and Loretta
Bradley Don Richter

Me There
John Yohe

Memory Is Altered
T. L. Folkard

Mercy Flight
Ken Williams

The Midas Punch
Richard Harkness

The Migration
Barry Ryan

A Million Lights to Dance On
Stacey Bell

Möbius Strip Summer
Richard Harkness

A Model Relationship
Margaret Karmazin

Tyra Kaufmann

More Drabbles
Ken Poyner

Mother Nature’s Revenge
Stephen Roth

Mr. Green The Funnyman
Elizabeth Alexander

My Name Is Nobody
Keith G. Laufenberg

My Peanut-Butter-
Sandwich Life

Heather Villa

The Names of the Many
Denton Croushore

The Nation of Very Happy People
Cierra Lynch

Neighborhood Watch
Agustín Lopez

Kevin Springfield

Never Was Right
Britomarte Van Horn

Next Available Flight
Roland Goity

René Houtrides

No Going Back
Kevin Harris

No. 117
John Vanderslice

Christopher Aslan Overfelt

Not Alone
Ryan Vann

A Notary Public
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Nothing to Lose
James Tyler

The Official Sour Cabbage of United Russia
Thomas Girshin

Old Crow
Scott R. Brownlee

Once the Fields Were Full of Butterflies
John C. Mannone

Our Arborist
Jonathan B. Ferrini

The Owl and the Border
Amy Reed-Sandoval

The Panhandler
Ryan Mohr

Parts of Speech
Sharon Erby

Elizabeth Alexander

Peach Blossom
Maureen Keenan-Mason

Thomas Moreau

Pierson’s Dome
Sean MacKendrick

The Pigeon Man
Matthew T Cartledge

Pink Band-Aids and Microwave Pizza
Lucas J. Burford

Pirate Hotdogs
Scott Coon

A Place Not Fit for Man
R.A. Joseph

Playa Conchal
James Bryan Cornelius

The Players
Lauren Marie Schmidt

please share your specific ideas
Anshi Purohit

Ken Barnett

The Post-Communist Beggar
Joseph Grim Feinberg

Melvin Litton

Punishing Potential
Michael W. Clark

The Puppet Show
Liana Vrajitoru Andreasen

The Rally To Wealth
Ken Poyner

Ready to Retire
Thomas Sullivan

Rebellion’s End
Christopher S. Bell

Viccy Adams

Ron Hartley

Ken Poyner

Remember You Are Dust
Daniel Vollaro

A Report Card
David Larsen

Chris Klassen

Ken Poyner

The Return of the Generals
Lois Marie Harrod

Returning Home
Adetokunbo Abiola

The Ridge
William Locke Hauser

The Right Way
David Weiskircher

The Robin
Kymberlee Rosen

Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay
Steve Slavin

Romancing the Butcher
Chere Taylor

Jonathan B. Ferrini

Room at the Top
G. D. McFetridge

The Rosary
Marco Etheridge

Sadie, Jack and Fluffy Go On a Trip: A New Normal Primer
Dennis James

The Saint
Don Stockard

Sand & Ash
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Sauce for the Gander
Fred Cohn

Scan the Onion
Mickey J. Corrigan

The Secret Address to the Physicians of the Order of Asclepius
Conor O’Brian Barnes

Shark Fin Soup
J. R. Gerow

She Couldn’t Say I Told You So
Jeff Jacobs

Ken Poyner

Isaac Birchmier

Shorty’s Take
Dennis James

Shoveling Snow on Oil Tanks
Amanda A. Meader

Simple Statistics
Michelle Fiedler

Sin at Michael’s
Robert Fox

Sleeping on Paul’s Mattress
Brenda Rose

The Snake Catcher’s Son
Khanh Ha

Danielle Eleanor

Snuffy’s Last Walk
Jack E. Dunning

Margaret Karmazin

Southern Discomfort
Emily Hartzog

The Stare
Daniel Gonzalez

Steal This Book
Timothy Herrick

Andrey Kuzmichev

Stevie’s Father
John P. Kristofco

Sting Like a Bee
Earl Javorsky

The Stop
Jessie Lanoil

Stories of Sardinia
Jonathan B. Ferrini

The Story of Bone
Ken Poyner

Summer 1963
Thomas DeConna

Jonathan B. Ferrini

A Surprise Proposal
Ian Woollen

Bob Hartley

Catherine Bradberry

Take Me As I Am
Danielle Ranucci

Taking #71
Jeff Burt

Adam Matson

Michael Pikna

They Speak Mexican Down on the South Side
CS DeWildt

The Thing in the White House
Bev Jafek

Third Strike
Myra Sherman

Thong Man
Robert Collings

The Thorns Where Snakes Once Grew
John Lovik

A Ticket to Savor
Lauranna Johnson

Time Killer
Ana Vidosavljevic

The Tree
John P. Kristofco

The Tree Singer
Ken Poyner

Trick Boy Down
Ian Grey

Tried So Hard to Get the Twang out my Mouth
Perry Genovesi

The Truth About Brug
Gunther Boccius

Two for the Show
Mechele Pruitt

Two Needs Fulfilled
Sylvia Melvin

The Underground Cabin
J.K. Flannigan

Unfinished Business
Amber Mikell

David Larsen

The Value of Husbands
Margaret Karmazin

Vasily’s Eggs
Mike Bates

A View of the Desert
Kevin Kostelnik

The Vision
K. Farr

John Sheirer

Voices from the Corral
Amr Abouelleil

Walking Under Ladders
Grace Lapointe

The Water Charm
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Weathered Crossroads
Michelle Boyd Waters

Welcome to the Icebox
Robert I. Mann

A Well Away
Bradford Philen

What Comes in Threes
Rina Olsen

What Needed To Be Done
Patty Somlo

What The Shadow Knows
Amanda Walton

When Death Falls From the Sky
J. Astrian Horsburgh

Wombs for Rent
Eva Sajoo

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.
Eli Horowitz

World Gone Wrong
Michael Lawrence

Wouldn’t Send My Kids There
Gabriel Berger

Gary Jones

Write Your Story: The Show
Nadia Ibrashi

The Wrong Place
Caryl Sills

The Yearbook
Gary McCann