Volume 29, Number 3

Time Killer

Ana Vidosavljevic

I am Time Killer. That is not my real name, of course. My real name is Tommy. But everyone knows me as Time Killer.

If you are asking me what I do for living, my name will tell you. I kill time. And if you are asking me what I do in my free time, again, the answer is the same.

One might think I probably hate Time. Quite the opposite. I love Time. Time is my best friend. And I am a master of using it maximally.

But why have I chosen to do that? Well, if you don't start killing time and if you take Time too seriously and become obsessed with one certain thing that prevents you to kill time, then Time will destroy you.

Look around and pay attention. For example, there is an accountant in my neighborhood.

His name is Johan. He is totally committed to his work. There is also Thomas whose house is next to Johan's house. He is a manager in a big company. These people spend most of their time in their offices. And then, when they finish work, they usually go home, and they continue working from home or they spend time thinking about work. They are work slaves. They are so obsessed with one particular thing, in this case work, that they forget how it looks like to kill time. They have forgotten Time, and Time doesn't like to be neglected. Therefore, Time punishes them.

They don't spend time with their children. They barely see them. And they don't notice how fast their children grow up. They don't enjoy relaxing moments with their wives. They are too stressed and worried about work. And they are getting older missing out on many things.

Time is not their friend. They don't hang out with Time. They are scared to become its friend. If they do, they might lose the job, money, big house, car, security or any other obsession. Therefore, they avoid Time. And Time is patient. It waits. But never forgets. Once they become old and wake up from those obsessions, Time comes back for revenge. Since these people finally and eventually get rid of their obsessions they want to hang out with Time. But Time brings them misery, regret and depression.

Well, I am different. I use every moment to hang out with Time. Time is a good friend. And if you know how to use its kindness and availability, you will be rewarded.

I do have a proper job. I am a gardener. And I love my job. I have tried out different jobs. I was the waiter, sales clerk, art dealer, car seller, security guard. I have always tried to find a job that would not become an obsession and that would not influence, drastically, my time killing. As soon as I feel that certain job interferes in my friendship with Time, I leave it. There are many jobs out there. But good friends are rare. And Time is precious.