Volume 31, Number 4

The Guardians

Elizabeth J. Mitchell

The guardians look like everyday people. In the dark their hearts glow, visible through their skin.

The guardians are everyday people. They live through hardship, abuse, hunger, despair. But they remember who they are. And as they grow, they learn how to heal themselves and the people and the world around them. They stretch their hearts so that they can grow more fully into the light within themselves. They radiate light and love out into the world through their choices and the ways that they live.

Each guardian decides to be a guardian before arriving here. And as they grow more into their becoming, they each choose whether to continue to be a guardian or not.

Some guardians hide their light but know who they are. They wear coverings to make invisible the light emitted from their hearts. Whether the guardians choose to cover up their light or not, the important thing is whether or not they choose to be protectors.

Some guardians cover up their light for years, choosing to forget who they are, pretending to be someone they are not. In that forgetting, sometimes they become warped underneath, unable to recover the light that they have lost along the way. Their heart lights become dim.

For some, eventually they remember who they are. They choose to journey back towards their purpose. It sometimes could take one years to regain their light and live into their purpose.

For others, they continue to walk away from their choice to be a guardian. For one of these, they cease to become a guardian after a time.

The guardians who chose not to hide their light are often faced with hardship for being. For being kind in a world where kindness is often not accepted. For living their lives in a way that is contrary to what others expect. But they know with their hearts that living with love and letting their light guide their choices is the best way to live. They love people. And some people don’t like who they choose to love, who they choose as partners, who they choose as friends, who they choose as people worthy of kindness. These guardians heal with their art, their voices, their words, their work, their sweat. And people scorn their labor and talents. It is a difficult endeavor to be light in a world corrupted by indifference and hatred. But living in this honest pursuit of love is the way they choose to live.