Volume 32, Number 4

Vacation Home

Of what use is the villa
On the moon? From the windows
The moonscape is ever the same.
The dark descends on the horizon
Always. There is no porch.
The skylight is nice, but becomes
Overused and eventually no great joy.
Staff is hired just to track air leaks,
And someone tends the shield that atomizes
Incoming stray micro-meteorites. Nothing
Can be done about the light gravity:
It is novel at first, but then becomes
Annoying, and some guests seem
Almost allergic to it. Launch to upkeep
To return, it takes a small army
To make it all possible, which makes it
Grand, though not really in the classic sense
Enjoyable. Then again, anyone who owns
A villa on the moon must be godawful
Rich, a real somebody. We have to visit it
Now and again, show off our excess,
Impress invited guests for the small time
They can stand the moon environment. For balance
We leave hints about all the people our lark employs.
Where would the staff be if not for us?
Bound to a brightly blue ball of better
Gravity, I suppose. Maybe happier,
If poorer. Don’t tell them that likely
I would be happier, too, if not for the show.

—Ken Poyner