Volume 22, Number 4

Unreasonable Times

By force the weaker submits to the strong harboring resentment
Since the nature of the beast controls by violence or ability to outwit
Nothing more than law of survival as predators satisfying appetite
Yet we are humans supposedly not compelled by jungle principles

But we go on time after time and ages upon ages loathing to concur
For it is still more gratifying to be master of all than to be unified
To be right never wrong or even admit error abandoning wisdom
Sensibilities fail as victims fall while enforcers blindly rule

Instinctual from parent to child then leaders to followers
The hand that guides never loses grip therefore captivating
For the sole purpose of regalement over another
Squandering leadership into deadly arrogance

We watch from the lowly lot to the prestigious
Of the constant struggle to gain and hoard
In cynical amusement we can guess the interest
The motivation of the necessity of the actions taken

As all tiers of involvement corrupt their selves
Being misguided by those who lead by faction
Through cover and cajole the inducement disguised
Validated by cause of common good

Yet in the process of concealing reality can be exposed
Resulting in rapid denial of facts then justifications
Never revealing truth as selfishness dominates
Instead of fairness to all

—Steve May