Volume 31, Number 4

Truck Commercials

The all new, All-American pickup
with military-grade aluminum alloy body.
Not just any truck for any driver.

A master of the frontier wilderness truck
for master of the frontier wilderness men
fording stream, ascending hill, challenging
every rocky terrain, scaling mountains
to survey pristine valleys below,
flying through the air in slow slow motion,
caked in mud to show who’s unstoppable,
storming the rugged, untouched land.

Blaze through forests in an unpaved world, O truck
and military-grade driver—a world
without women, without any traffic,
no cities or smog, no gridlock or death,
no stoplights or limits of any kind,
no sprawling concrete acreage of freeways,
O truck for a free and manly America
of simple truths and military-grade aluminum alloy bodies.

Who in that world would need to consider
the fine print of cash back and 0% APR financing,
not to mention the oil fields of the Middle East?

Gutsy pioneers, rugged individualists, nobody’s fools
taking it straight from the assembly line,
Madison Avenue calls them to duty.

—Mark Zimmermann