Volume 30, Number 3

Stock market closing in on all-time high

—CNBC headline

Do not stare directly into Wall Street’s blinding light
as the Dow Jones approaches an all-time high.
It doesn’t glow for you, but for those you need to fight.

Though tempted at times in the quiet of the night
to get out your laptop and search for stocks to buy,
that urge comes from staring at Wall Street’s blinding light.

It’s growing credit-spending that makes its glow so bright.
Your bills arrive, the bankers smile, and you begin to cry.
Their light shines not for you, but for those you need to fight.

The middle class is shrinking and you think you’ll never quite
get out from under all those mounting debts before you die.
You must not stare directly into Wall Street’s blinding light.

Fewer jobs and lower pay is the modern worker’s plight.
At intersections, homeless folks beg as you pass by.
The Dow shines not on you, but on those you need to fight.

Defy their corporate greed and austerity plans. You might
even learn the economic reasons why
you mustn’t stare directly into Wall Street’s glowing light.
It doesn’t shine for you but for those you need to fight.

—Ed Werstein