Volume 30, Number 1

Sleep Talk

for T.

My friend says it’s a fucking side effect. Something that can change. I say give
me all your change, plus a piano. I’m proud of my ability to adapt. My friend

says the rats adapt to the water. They all sink. Change.
Drown. I say I drown in dreams. Often it’s the opposite

of torture. I say give me all your dreams, plus future
versions of EDM. I dream of humans who aren’t pharmacophobic. Rats

who don’t freeze. I dream of planets where the psychiatrists share
the number of clouds. Share the number of patients like me. & my friend

is in my dream. He says we’re both awake, but it’s not 4 a.m. We’re bonding
with rebellious rats and sharing medication

           Their happy endings.

—Cameron Haramia