Volume 20, Number 1


It was midnight but
she called up her friend cause when her ex-husband left he
punched a hole in the drywall and
now a month later a rat used the hole to move in.

So her friend came over and
set humane traps all over the basement and then it was two a.m. so he
started biting her neck and they
went to bed then and woke up at three and
the twins were standing at the
foot of the bed saying
mommy mommy we want to come into your bed cause
we're scared of the rat so they
crawled into bed with her and him. And
the kids left the bedroom door open so
the dog came in and snuffled and vaulted into the bed but
the kids didn't wake up so
she and he fell back asleep. And
it was four-thirty when
she heard scurrying and he didn't wake up and
the twins didn't wake up and
the dog even didn't wake up and something scuttled up
into the bed and she felt its long tail as
it settled against her and
she knew it was the

—Mary A. Turzillo

Appeared in Your Cat & Other Space Aliens, vanZeno, 2007