Volume 23, Number 1

Posit: No Transaction Costs

Because who wouldn’t want free shipping from Singapore
and a hardware store and post office in every neighborhood
Who wouldn’t want free checking, no lines, never to be put on hold
Who wouldn’t want the three bus rides from downtown to the
nursing home where you empty bedpans and stare into vacant eyes
until the next budget cuts
to take no time
for the tailpipe puffing its migraine fumes
to never be disappearing down the block
two minutes ahead of schedule
the flap flap of sensible shoes gone as insensible with age
as your clients
beating out reluctant regret for that
last hug that lasted too long
because you tried to pour 12 hours worth
of soothed brows and mommy’s here now
in through the cracks of her teetering goodbye face.

Who wouldn’t want there to be no clothing ripped on the barbed wire
no friends lost to the dogs and thirst
no miles of desert between you and someone who will allow you to sell
the million times your hand can reach
up to pluck a peach.

—Miriam Axel-Lute