Volume 20, Number 2

phantoms and lunatics and sponges

The Rogue Diagnostic Manual for

The maintenance of special formations allows

A regrowth of the secondly adopted personality if

Upon the fourth Clownhood one is

Summarily neglected nor considered useful for

All good inverted ways require

A negative social resemblance whichby requires

A civil attention to such

Ghastly matters

And the universal logics accepting such reason also

Allow for a recast of principles to

A more inhibited or oozy type of wierdness

If one qualifies themself as unsatisfied with a prior haunting

Whereby reentry to

The first level of Clownhood is again acceptable

And if the burden of satisfaction were to

The maker of oneself if

One does take responsibility for such a course

The possibilities of recycling through Clownhood over and

Over again

Though risk being minded as a shapeshifter which

In itself constitutes itself as the fourth level as well

But that is only a risk and

What decent sponge does mind such

A deliberate push to end the Clownhood cycles

The Rogue Diagnostic Manual is not practice for

[Their] social elevation [their] humors

But a dash of insight into the maintenance of special formations that

Play some function somewhere I am sure because

Things could otherwise not be


—Greg Markee