Volume 29, Number 4

plumbers come over to fix
my bathtub, drain clogged
with too much hair, again.

this only happens after
the winter has ended
and I again become
human. My doctor

prescribed me vitamin D
pills, says I need to get
more sunlight. Normally

devoured whole, without
water, this is how I consume

most of my meals, when
getting to have them. Women
come over and never return

time and time again. I fear my
werewolf blood manifests but
remembering if I just made that
up, as a figment of imagination

or explanation for my sexual
appetite is unclear. What I do

know is that I silently hunger
so much that I produced blood
while rubbing it out into the toilet

an embarrassment I had to conceal
from all others for as long as possible.


—Deonte Osayande