Volume 32, Number 2

In Which I Learn That My Daughter, Like Arya Stark and Hillary Clinton, Has a Kill List, Only Hers Is For Real, I Mean, Not Real Real, But Still, Real

Actually, she has three, she tells me. 
One: people who have touched her 
after specifically being told not to. 
Two: people who came to her party 
and touched the papier-mâché rose 
after specifically being told not to. 
Three: people who posted photos of
themselves defying lockdown orders
after specifically being told not to. 

The people on the first list 
were not invited to the party. 
They will never be invited to the party. 
She notes a strong correlation 
between the rose-touchers 
and the lockdown-order-defiers: 
all claim to have been forced 
into giving up their freedom 
without their consent.
I will not insult her agency 
by taking on her list, 
but I stand ready to do my part. 
The safe house door is always open, 
no questions asked.

—Lea Page