Volume 26, Number 3

clusters of titanium dioxide

What is a palliative care volunteer?
The questions of legitimacy latent in the question I shall address

What experience do you need to include in the Assessment
Many Anglos think all Mexican women are named Maria.

How confident do you feel about your writing abilities?
This meeting has been arranged to discuss my circumstances.

Do you feel that you are treated with the respect that you
           should be treated with?
My primary functions are recording interview responses.

Do you know what safety gear to wear?
Regular attendance is a requirement of my position.

What trade-offs are you willing to make?
In western culture, maintaining eye contact suggests one is
           interested in the person.

During your pre-operational check you see the Data Plate
           is missing. What action would you take?
Check the offender's vital signs.

How often do you need to have someone help you when you read
           instructions, pamphlets, or other written material from your
           doctor or pharmacy?
Having an impact on the world is within the reach of most

When should you have hired a lawyer?
Once I realized that animals have feelings.

—Mark Young