Volume 29, Number 2

Art Informel

[Tachisme] is now a method used by camouflage textile designers to describe the patchy style of the latest military garb for killing people without being seen first.

Am I prepared to face the
tachiste revolution
I know is coming?

Am I weapon’d enough?

Are my sinews
sufficiently strong to use
as a rope ladder to
climb up to Paradise &
find there a bible, a folded
flag, an autographed photo
of the President & the
obligatory letter that
accompanies it?

Will I be able to read it
without weeping? Will
I recognize myself?

What happened to the
seven virgins I was
promised? Did the President
get there before me? Is
that where the flowers
at my funeral come from?

Am I still on the electoral rolls in Florida?

—Mark Young