Volume 25, Number 1

the anarchist’s guide to relative enlightenment
(skipping-rope song)

first fact / you will have to suffer in public / in the slums
of the soul / nothing's handed out for free / but indelible
rapture / defenestration! / you will speak in tongues /
preach in pig-latin / confound the system / the avaricious
hand / dangling from every lamppost / yea, you will
suffer all right / look around, tell me what you see

remember / prejudice is the opium of the superstitious /
here comes the I in the sky / pose as a yard sale reject /
send darkly apostatic clues to the police / one at a time /
visit the hungry lagoon / the pit of oblivion / no
redemption / only a bourgeois ratfuck of a party / under
the sign of the beast / sing, nightingale, sing

have yourself sacrificed in the name of a hallucination /
plugged into the revolutionary ladder / sentenced to dig
the graves of unclaimed bodies / to unearth coarse-
grained scripts / flying skulls with downy wings / slag &
clinkers / tripwire / yellowcake uranium / foreign
submarine clocks / look inside, tell me what you see

be a wailing witness / on the radical edge / trapdoor /
transmission of mind / mind how you're going / the dark
side or the other side / when in doubt, riot / fail & try
again / fail, fallout / heuristic heretic / chip, chop, chew /
deep scarab & lantern fish / tales from the crypt / the
underground will take over / ache, anarchist, ache

—Jane Røken